Hijas de la muerte


Hijas De La Muerte are a 3-piece Indian and Hispanic Grunge-Punk band from South Florida created in 2019, made from a collection of theatrically fierce, riotous women.

The original duo created this new project to broaden their musical roots with a distorted twist, experimenting and establishing the important influences from their heritages. Ara and Sami-Jo Bones were previously in another band together, and met their third member, Mob, when she booked them for a show in Wynwood, FL.

Punk Black 8th Anniversary Show

Their unique brand of entertainment fuses a groove heavy hybrid of 90s riot grrrl thrash, garage metal crunch, and desert rock scorch with macabre stage makeup and distinct screams for change that will have you hooked. 

​Hijas De La Muerte is proud to announce their signing with Punk Black Records. This thrilling collaboration marks a significant milestone in their musical journey, validating their unique sound and powerful message. With their raw energy and unbridled passion, Hijas De La Muerte is ready to unleash their unapologetic punk anthems to a wider audience, and their partnership with Punk Black Records promises to amplify their voices and empower their rebellious spirit even further. Embracing this new chapter, the band members are grateful for the opportunity to showcase their talents and break barriers in the music scene.